PCB circuit project
We can help You with pleasure if You have your electronic scheme, you know the geometrical demends for PCB, but
the idea of PCB project and Gerber documentation sounds strnage for You.

PCB manufacturing
We offer PCB production on a chosen material either on the basis of our PCB project or PCB project supplied by You.

Components selection and completion
We can give You our support either in components selection and also in components delivery during order realisation. Thanks to our long-term experience in production and assembly of electronic devices we cooperate with wide range of component suppliers, which guarantee high guality of supplied components, attractive prices and time saving.

Different technology of SMT and THT assembly in prototype and production series
You need to assemble PCB components? We offer PCB assembly in PB and PB-free technology, we offer assembly either for single prototypes or for series production, with attractive price as a priority.

Mechanical assembly
You device need mechanical assembly? Such an assembly is a piece of cake for us. We assemble different mechanical elements such as screws, bolts, nuts etc. in standard.

Final device assembly
You revice demand final assembly? You have found the right company! Your device will be completely assemble, seal, indicate with correct numbers, complete with instructions manual and we closed in a package either individual or bulk.

Start-up, programme and tests of assembled devices
Design of Your device i perferct, but you have no condition to start them up, programme and test? We gladly join this process. For each device we have individal approach, recognizing its capabilities and settling the needs for functional tests. We can build specialised tester for Your device if necessary.

Service quality
Do not worry about quality of our services. Our team is reachly experienced in electronic branch, we also have Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001 for design and manufacture of eletronic and electrotechnique devices.

We have wide range of our satisfied Customers MICROSOFT (NOKIA), TOYOTA, ALFA HBLED Tele- and Radiotechnical Institute, IMPACT Clean Power Technologies, LC Elektronik…

Do not hasitate to contact us if You are interested in above mentioned services

Tomasz Traczyk – Production manager
phone +48 22 783-51-12
fax +48 22 783-55-04