Our offer

The branch of our company in Sosnowiec for over 25 years is specialized in PCB manufacturing. Thanks to many years of experience in the electronics industry, we offer full scope of PCB production:


  • PCB design, PCB optimising and processing of Customer projects;
  • widely understood PCB projects consulting, also selection of the apropriate material for the particular PCB design;
  • manufacturing of PCB either in large production series or as a single prototype;
  • cost optimized individual calculations for each project and order size;
  • flexible time of PCB manufacturing (from standard service – 10 working days to the express service- 48 h);
  • electrical PCB testing (probe or needle tester);
  • all our products meets the requirements of the RoHS directive.




The standard production is performed on laminates:

  • CEM-1; laminate thickness (1,0 – 1,5) mm; copper foil 35 μm;
  • FR-4; laminate thickness (0,2 – 2,4) mm; copper foil (18 – 105) μm;
  • AL AD2; laminate thickness (1,0 – 1,5) mm; copper foil (35 – 70) μm;
  • AL AD3; laminate thickness 1,5 mm; copper foil 35 μm;


  • FR-4; laminate thickness (0,2 – 3,2) mm; copper foil (18 – 105) μm;
  • PCL; laminate thickness 125 μm; copper foil 35 μm.

FPCB-3 flex


We use only laminates from verified and certified suppliers. PCB manufacturing from different laminates (not listed above) also available after agreement.

Our technological capabilities let us offer the following range of services:

  • single-sided PCB manufacturing;
  • double-sided PCB manufacturing with metallization;
  • PCB manufacturing on flexible laminates single- and double-sided with possible form-cutting;
  • aluminium-based PCB manufacturing;
  • solder mask in variety of colors (photoresist mask, UV mask, special two-component mask);
  • PCB description;
  • PCB drilling on EXCELLON CNC drills;
  • V-groove scoring that allows SMT or THT mounting in panel, PCB trimming and cutting;
  • routing of PCB contour and shaped holes on CNC routers;
  • finishing: Sn Pb-free HAL (Hot Air Levelling) and chemical gold plating;
  • steel stencils for soldering paste application in SMD technology;
  • manufacturing of precisely and selectively etched details from sheets of brass and stainless steel;
  • on special order we make: selective gold plating, technological peelable mask, carbon paste covering.