PCB circuits design
Electric scheme available, you would like to transfere it to single or double sided laminate? You have no experience and no tools to create PCB project? It’s not a problem! We can transfer your design into right format for PCB manufacturing. You only need to make prototype, give us such an information, we optimise your project to make assembly as easy as possible.

PCB manufacturing
We can make single or double sided PCB production, on a basis of our or Your PCB project. We manufacture each PCB production either prototype or series. You need only few PCB’s and each is different – send us Your enquiry, we always optimise particular order cost, that effects in cheap production for even single specimen.

Different technologies SMT and THT assembly
You need to assemble a single PCB? We offer PCB assembly in PB and PB-free technology, we offer assembly either for single prototypes or for series production, with attractive price as a priority.

Components for assembly
You need components for Your prototype? Ask us! We usually buy components in wholesale quantities, it can occur that we have everything You need in price far more attractive than detailed price!

Other electronic services
You have manufactured and assembled a prototype, but you have no programming device, no tools and measuring

Service quality
Do not worry about quality of our services. Our team is reachly experienced in electronic branch, we also have Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001 for design and manufacture of eletronic and electrotechnique devices.

Do not hasitate to contact us if You are interested in above mentioned services

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