Technological parameters:

  • minimum hole diameter 0,4 mm (0,5 mm recommended);
  • minimum path width 0,2 mm (8 mils);
  • minimum path to path or path to pad distance 0,2 mm (8 mils);
  • pad diameters should be larger than hole diameters for minimum 0,3 mm (12 mils);
  • description loceted on PCB should be at least 0,25 mm (10 mils) thick and sould not be located on pads;
  • enlargement of mask pads to copper should be at least 0,1 mm (4 mils) for diameter;
  • minimum unmasked edge distance from adjacent path should be 0,12 mm (5 mils);
  • minimum distance path to PCB edge or pad to PCB edge should be 0,2 mm (8 mils);
  • minimum technological format 200 x 240 mm;
  • maximum technological format 358 x 600 mm.

Accepted file formats
Aperture files:

  • most file formats generated by common PCB project programs are accepted (Protel, Autotrax, Pcad, Eagle etc.).

Layer files:

  • we prefer GERBER files or files generated from Protel programme;
  • other formats acceptable after agreement.

Drill files:

  • we expect ASCII files EXCELLON format;
  • in EXCELLON file header or in the external file we expect the drill (or other tool) diameters;
  • for metallized PCB it is necessary to confirm whether hole diameters are giver before or after metallisation.

Project mechanical requirements:

  • project should contain the machining diagram;
  • lines should be done with 1 mills aperture;
  • cutting line should not be led through copper;
  • distance from cutting line to copper should be more than 0,2 mm (8 mils).